Fishing Reports

Sunday  September 28th, 2014
Weekend Fishing Reports

Who would have guessed? Calm seas, bright sunshine, 80 degrees during apple picking season? Many customers have chosen that activity, but many people still enjoy an afternoon on the ocean during my favorite time of year to fish. This weekend we had enough anglers to run a Sunday afternoon trip with perfect ocean conditions, probably too nice. There was not much of a bite, people that caught fish had to really work at it, and a fairly strong current made tending lines a little difficult for the less experienced angler. In the mix we caught some 3 to 4 lb cod, we caught many small haddock, we had about 10 whiting, a few dog fish and a few small Pollock. The big Pollock have not moved into the half day grounds yet. Fun day on the water, whales are starting to show up again, blue sharks should start making their way to warmer climates and the fall fishing only gets better from here.

We are offering trips in October, we would love to get enough anglers to run a full day trip to the full day fishing grounds where we know boats are catching large Pollock, hake, cusk and red fish. As of November 1, haddock will re-open. Anyone interested in doing a fall charter, our books are open and we will work with what best fits your group. Let us know, plenty of fishing still to be done before we need the snow shovels.

From the Deck of the M/V Lady Sea
Captain Mike & Crew


Saturday, September 20th, &
Sunday  September 21st, 2014
Weekend Fishing Reports

Fall in New England brings on many challenges for deep sea fishing. Especially the weather pattern that tends to become more active, 3 to 5 foot seas become more common. On Saturday morning, we had a 3/4 day trip, as soon as we came around the breakwater, the east wind hit us and we took the sea mostly on the side making it uncomfortable for many. We had an okay morning trip, caught quite a few mackerel and small pollock. The redfish were hard to find, though we did find some nice haddock that unfortunately, we had to return to the ocean. There was activity around the boat with dog fish, small haddock, and cod. We had a blue shark around the boat, but only took 1 fish from us. A boat close by said they were getting buried by blue sharks. We had a sunfish visit as well. The afternoon trip was a little more tricky. The wind picked up to 20-25 knots from the south creating a 4 to 6 foot sea. This made it difficult to tend bottom, we caught a few hake and dog fish, but really was not very enjoyable. The group on board was a charter (bachelor party) and decided to make it into a harbor cruise, we came in early, it was the right decision.

Sunday we ran a 1/2 day trip. The weather was great to start, about a 2 foot sea, and an easy ride to the fishing grounds. We saw a whale on the way to the grounds, first whale in about 3 weeks. we also saw a blue shark at the fishing grounds, but it never bothered us the entire day. we had a full boat of 40 people, the fishing and catching was very good. We had a nice variety of fish cod, haddock, pollock, mackerel, redfish, sea robins, hake and dogfish. The largest fish was a 9 lb cod, which was released, the largest legal fish was a 7 lb cusk. It became foggy toward the end of the trip, but with light winds, it was a nice day on the water, only a handful of people got sea sick, which under those conditions, we would expect more. A very pleasant Sunday afternoon, and the Pats won which makes it even better.

This week we have an All Day Trip on Saturday, and the Half Day Trip on Sunday.  Please call us at 978 559 1978 to make your reservations. 

From the Deck of the M/V Lady Sea
Captain Mike & Crew


Saturday, September 13th, & Sunday Blues, September 14th, 2014
Weekend Fishing Reports

Saturday we had a scheduled 3/4 day trip, we came around the breakwater to a NE wind that had blown all night, 3-5 foot chop with a 6 or 7 footer thrown in. We made the steam to the fishing  grounds, only dunking the pulpit a couple times, and set up on anchor. The seas did not subside and we were taking them at an angle which made it very uncomfortable. The fishing was tough with the current and the sea condition, it was tough to hold bottom and our balance. We caught a few small haddock, whiting, and dog fish. We thought about moving, at this point half the people were down and out. We decided it was best to abandon the trip and give customers vouchers to come back another day. The ride home, we took the seas on the stern and was very comfortable.

Sunday afternoon we offered another blue fish trip. We had a full boat, the sea conditions were much improved, it was actually warmer on the water than on land. We set up our drift, our chum slick, we floated live bait, chunks, whole herring, whole mackerel, and some tried jigs and plugs. We didn't catch any blue fish today, but we did catch close to 100 mackerel, some we used for bait, and many went home with the customers. It appears the blues have come and gone, we will not be offering anymore blue fish trip, just focusing on ground fish. The pollock have started to show up, we saw some signs of redfish, we have been catching whiting, mackerel, and hake on most trips, all very good eating fish.

We have reset our schedule on this website with the trips we plan to offer, if the weather cooperates and enough customers want to go, we will run these trips. Just remember to bring an extra sweatshirt, but fall fishing can be some of the best fishing of the year.

From the Deck of the M/V Lady Sea
Captain Mike & Crew


Friday, September 5th, 2014 & Sunday Blues, September 7th, 2014
Weekend Fishing Reports

Friday we hosted a full day fishing charter. This was our first trip since the cod and haddock restrictions took effect. We went to the hard bottom that usually hold a variety of fish, especially cusk and red fish. We found a few of each species as well as a few Pollock and of course a couple dog fish. It was a slow pick.

Sunday was our first blue fish trip of the year. We did not catch any blue fish. We set up a chum slick, we used chunk bait, we used live bait, and we used artificial lures. We caught plenty of mackerel, harbor Pollock, red rock cod, and a big sea raven. It was a very nice day on the water, the effort was there, the results did not pan out. This is common with blue fish, when they bite, it’s crazy, but when they don’t, they don’t. We’ll try it again this weekend.

From the Deck of the M/V Lady Sea
Captain Mike & Crew


Monday, September 1st, 2014
Weekend Fishing Report


Friday's full day trip was pretty good. The fishing was a bit of a challenge as we dealt with a small swell from the offshore hurricane associated with breeze from the north creating a bit of a confused ocean. This caused a few to suffer from seasickness. The fish that were caught were of good quality ranging from 4 to 6 lb haddock, some nice market cod, and a few pollock. Our most regular angler under 6 feet tall, Mark won the boat pool with an 8 lb pollock, the last fish boated. Only his second pool winning fish of the year, usually he is good for 1/2 dozen a year, maybe the competition is getting better.
Saturday we had a private charter which consisted of memorial service and fishing trip. A wonderful family who devoted this day celebrating a man who loved the ocean and loved fishing. His request was to spread his ashes and enjoy a day of fishing. He always threw his first fish of the day back, I guess as a way of paying it forward, and to honor him, the family did the same. Everyone's first fish had to be returned to the ocean. At the first stop, we caught quite a few fish, ironically, most of them were legal in size to keep. I believe 12 legal fish were returned to the ocean including the largest cod we have seen in weeks at 13 lbs, a 10 lb cod, and 2 cusk at 9 lbs. Maybe we had some divine intervention. The rest of the day was a steady pick with again nice quality cod and haddock. An 11 lb cusk was the largest fish.
Sunday was the last day to keep haddock and cod. The 3/4 day morning trip was a little on the slow side, we got some nice fish, but not enough of them. We got a mixed bag of cod, haddock, pollock, cusk, redfish, and a small hake. The pool winner was a 6 lb pollock. The afternoon 1/2 day trip was much better. The first stop was very slow, a couple sub legal haddock. We made a small move and found a pile of fish. This pile proved to be cod, lots of cod. One person boated 13 legal in a little over 1/2 hour, all 5-10 lbs, all on a jig, square in the corner of the mouth. He will go nameless in this, but he shared his fish with anyone that wanted some to take home. There were a total of 27 legal cod caught on this stop.
As of September 1, we can no longer retain cod or haddock. We are going to continue to run trips targeting pollock, cusk, red fish, and hake. With the arrival of blue fish in the area, we are going to run limited load (25 people max) blue fish trips as well. 


Please check out our schedule and give us a call at 978 559 1978 to make your reservations. We know haddock and cod are great eating fish, but so is pollock, cusk and hake.  Give it a try.
From the Deck of the M/V Lady Sea
Captain Mike & Crew


Tuesday, August 26th, 2014


Much better day today than we had over the weekend. The big haddock were back and in good numbers, throw in cod, cusk, and everything else, you have a very good day. Tommy "The Natural" won his 3rd pool in the last 4 trips with an 8 lb cusk. I wonder if he just keeps bringing the same fish back week after week? or he has good blood lines. He hasn't fished too much over the past 30 years, that is why I have dubbed him "The Natural". Word on the street is that he lost his 'lucky' jig to a blue shark after catching the cusk, so there is hope for the rest of you when he is aboard! We lost a few rigs and fish to blue sharks today, our worst day of the year for those beasts, but all told not too bad like some past years.
Next full day trip is Friday, long range forecast looks great, catch em if you can.
From the Deck of the M/V Lady Sea
Captain Mike & Crew


August 22nd - 24th, 2014
Fishing Reports


Lock Jaw....a very tough weekend on the water even with great talent on the boat, we had a tough time putting meat on the deck. 
Friday we had a 5 to 5 marathon, always have high expectations for these trips and they just have not worked out real well this year. The highlight of the trip was that we caught 8 wolf fish, unfortunately they are protected, so they had to released back to the ocean, the largest at 23 lbs was a beast and you could see the anglers that have eaten wolf fish foaming at the mouth. The haddock we did catch were nice, just not enough of them. This trip brings some of our best anglers and for them to not catch fish is a shock. We do appreciate having them aboard, we just wish the fish would cooperate and jump on the hooks like they did 30 years ago.
Saturday we had our 3/4 day and 1/2 day trips, the morning was a bit bumpy with a 2-3 foot swell from one direction and a 2 foot chop on top of that. The motion of the ocean did not settle well with some customers. The fishing again was a little slower than we like it. The 3/4 day had all kinds of life around, caught some nice red fish, a couple cusk, some cod and haddock. We had a basking shark cruise by and a small ocean sunfish waved to us. The 1/2 day trip, the ocean became very calm, nice afternoon. We tried a different 1/2 day spot for this trip, actually a place we caught one of our largest fish a few years ago, only a few miles off Rockport light houses. We saw some marks on the fish finder, they looked like pollock, but they were not interested. We ended up catching a few mud hake (ling to our RI fans) and our first blue fish of the year. Maybe we have some night bluefish trips in our future?
Sunday, almost a repeat of Saturday, big 8 lb haddock took the morning pool along with an assortment of mud hake, red fish, a few cod, some whiting, and a cusk, it was a great day to be on the water. Weather was perfect for people, not so much for catching fish. The 1/2 day trip caught some whiting, hake, mackerel, and a couple red fish. We set up a couple blue fish rigs, but had no success.
The best part of the weekend, no injuries, no crew members coming off the boat with hooks lodged in their fingers, hands, heads, or anywhere else.
This week we have the all day trip on Friday from 7am - 4pm, and the 3/4 day from 7am -1pm and the half day from 1:30-6pm on Sunday. 
COMING SEPTEMBER 7TH, OUR FIRST BLUE FISHING TRIP FROM 2PM - 6:30PM.  Only 25 anglers on this trip.  $55.00 per person for all.
From the Deck of the M/V Lady Sea
Captain Mike & Crew



August 19th, 2014 Fishing Report

Terrific Tuesday!! Today, we played host to a full day charter and the fishing was great, the catching was great, the weather was great, the variety of fish was great. As we kind of suspected, we have some new fish on Tillies, and most of them are larger haddock. After September 1, it will be interesting to see how many jumbo haddock and cod we catch when we can't keep them anymore! Today, the keeper to short ratio was 2 shorts for every keeper and we came within 10 fish of catching our limit. We also caught a few cod, a few pollock, a good wolf fish, and a scattering of cusk. For 15 people, it was a great day. We also had our first blue shark sighting of the year, though she was not a problem, she was more interested in our clam discards than our haddock, which is a good thing!
This week, we have room on an open boat full day trip on Thursday with a 40 person limit, we have a 5am to 5pm marathon on Friday with a 30 person limit that has only a couple spots left, and Saturday and Sunday we will be running 3/4 and 1/2 day trips both days. Remember, as of September 1, the government has decided we can no longer keep haddock and cod. We will still be looking to run trips targeting pollock, cusk, hake, and red fish. Fall is usually very good pollock fishing, the cusk and Redfish have been much more common in recent weeks.

From the Deck of the M/V Lady Sea
Captain Mike & Crew

August 14th - 17th, 2014 Fishing Reports


Another great weekend on the Lady Sea. Good fishing, good fun, great weather, and good customers. It was a mixed bag all weekend, but in the end, I did not hear any complaints.
Thursday we had a full day charter. It was bumpy getting to the fishing grounds and for most of the morning. For those that were able to maintain their equilibrium and control their stomach contents, the fishing was good. The current was a little tough to manage coming off the moon tides and definitely impacted the catching. There were some very nice cod and haddock caught today. It was tough, but in the end, most had an enjoyable time, and the big fish from what I could tell was a 7 lb cod.


Friday was an open boat full day trip. The fishing was again steady, with a little tide still effecting the lines and making it tough to tend bottom. The largest haddock of the year was caught today at 10 lbs, won the boat pool beating a pair of 8 lb cod for the honors. There was a good number of fish boated today. Hammer was on the boat today, and nobody got hurt!


Saturday was 2 half day bachelor party charters. Enough said. The fishing was good, plenty of signs of fish on the screen, just not many fish being caught. I did notice quite a few empties in the barrel, not sure if the catching and empties are related, but at the end of the day, some people just wanted to stay on the boat. Though the catching of fish wasn’t great, they were entertained by an ocean sun fish (Mola Mola) and a small ocean turtle.  Finally, we put them on their bus and they were day.


Sunday we had our open boat 3/4 day trip and 1/2 day trip. It was the tale of two trips, morning was awesome, afternoon, not so much. The 3/4 day trip was one of our best of the year, plenty of haddock, plenty of action, 4 people worked the deck most of the day and 4 or 5 fish coming over the rail at all times. I believe we had 50 legal for the trip, mostly haddock, an 8 lb cod beat a 7 lb pollock for the boat pool (caught by the same person). A customer had a nice cusk, but was not in the pool, but hind sight is 20/20. Lines tended perfectly all day which reduced the tangles, a few 'bird's nests' hindered a couple people, but for the most part, all was good. The afternoon half day trip, well, it was not very good. The ocean was flat calm, there was no bite what so ever, we marked fish everywhere, a few whiting were caught, but that was it, probably our slowest 1/2 day of the year. What can you do? 


Below is Sunday's largest cod and pollock caught by our 2nd best female angler, a variety pack with a nice haddock mixed in.

From the Deck of the M/V Lady Sea
Captain Mike & Crew


August 7th - 10th, 2014 Fishing Reports

Wash, rinse, repeat. Another great week on The Lady Sea. Weather was perfect and the fishing was a good, steady pick. Pool winners continue to be cod and haddock in the 6-9lb class,  the good eating size.  Largest at 15lbs on the 7th from one our regulars who won the pool two weeks in a row.  Most everyone went home this week with fish. The fishing conditions did pose a little challenge due to the full moon tide creating a little more current than normal. This created some ugly tangles, but the crew did a great job getting these resolved. It seemed as though we are seeing more groups of fish, maybe some new fish are moving in, especially keeper Pollock and a couple jumbo red fish in the mix. The most unusual event is the lack of dog fish in the area, not that I am complaining, but to run 4 trips in August and barely get a hand full of the monsters is very rare.

This week it looks like we get a little bad weather early in the week, maybe that can shake things up a little, also we will be on the back side of the full moon which could make for a great week of fishing. I know we have a number of charters this week, but we have room on our open boat trips for the All Day trip on Friday, and the 3/4 Day and Half Day on Sunday. 

Give us a call at 978 559 1978 to make your reservations.  Space fills up fast!

From the Deck of the M/V Lady Sea
Captain Mike & Crew


August 1st - 3rd, 2014 Fishing Reports

gf-1621706_745962232114276_8040745041989842305_n.jpgThis weekend the fishing remained steady. Many more fish coming over the rails for anglers of all skill level. Nice to see some of the younger anglers having a great time on the Lady Sea.

Friday was a full day trip, many regular anglers were among the crowd. It was a fun d ay all around with a mixed bag of fish. A 9 lb cod took the pool, and one unlucky customer got to keep the hook he lodged in his hand. Second time this year we have had that unfortunate event occur and Hammer was on the boat both times, coincidence?

Saturday we only had a morning ½ day trip. It was a good trip, a good number of fish were caught and our really first good sign of mackerel. We also caught some jumbo whiting. Also in the mix were some keeper cod, Pollock and haddock. Not a single dog fish was landed today. The afternoon was dedicated to the annual Bluefin Blowout WZLX listener harbor cruise. Good times!

Sunday was our usual ¾ day and ½ day trips. We caught everything, cod, haddock, cusk, whiting, red fish, mackerel, Pollock, sculpin, and a few dog fish. Activity all around the boat on both trips, big fish of the day was a 10 lb cod caught by our irregular regular. The skies were overcast all weekend, but the ocean was calm and rain stayed away. A very comfortable weekend to sail.

Coming up this week we have full day (7am - 4pm) trips Tuesday, August 5 - Saturday, August 9th and our usual 3/4 and a half day on Sunday August 10th. Visit our schedule page for more details and to pick your next trip.

Don’t forget, summer is winding down, though September is my favorite month of the year, Federal regulations will not permit recreational anglers to keep any cod and haddock after August 31.

From the Deck of the M/V Lady Sea
Captain Mike & Crew

July 24th, 25th - Marathon Friday,  26th & 27th, 2014
Week/Weekend Fishing Reports

Remember, tired is only a state of mind. Our crew had a heck of a weekend with a full day trip, a marathon, two 3/4 day trips and two half day trips. Overall the fishing has been good, very steady. We are finding a lot of 19 inch fish every where we go, but good action with both cod and haddock.
Thursdays full day trip was a steady pick all day, no great flurries, just a fish or two coming over the rail all the time. We had a few issues with ugly tangles that limited some anglers from always participating, we had a strong current going into the wind which made tending lines very important. We saw a nice mix of cod and haddock, a 6 lb cod took pool honors, with a few cusk in the running, but a little shy. With lines drifting off bottom, some anglers found themselves with dog fish increasing the tangles. Jigs and bait worked about the same, though bait caught more dog fish especially on lines with 2 baited hooks. We recommend just 1 baited hook to minimize the tangles and dog fish.
Friday was our 12 hour marathon. We had a hearty group of regular anglers, some of the best fishermen and best people you would want to be on a boat with for 12 hours. It was certainly a fun day, the fishing was good, but the laughter was better. The weather was perfect, we caught quite a few fish, with the short to keeper ratio about 4 to 1. Nilton (Nelson, Newton) was high hook with the most keepers, I believe his count was 9 keepers, he fished the bow with a jig and fly and was almost catching a fish a cast. Our most irregular regular angler won the pool with a 9 lb cod fishing along side Nilton in the bow also with a jig and fly. The stern anglers had a little tougher time with the lines going out port side, they had a few more tangles also a problem with ghost gear on the ocean floor, they lost a little fishing time. The crew certainly earned their pay on this trip. These trips always have side stories and create some of our best memories of the year, most of which can't be shared, they need to be experienced!

Last Marathon is scheduled for Friday, August 22nd, before the Federal Regulations change. 

Weekend 3/4 and half day trips have been very good the last few weekends. There are many small fish around, but you can pick away and get a few keepers in the mix. There is a very good mix of cod, haddock, cusk, and pollock on the inshore grounds. The Saturday morning trip we saw some nice cod and haddock, the only pollock of the trip weighed 7 lbs and took the pool barely beating out a pair of just over 6 lb cod. We had a couple nice wolf fish to add some excitement especially to those that never have seen one, too bad they can't experience the treat of eating one. Saturdays half day trip was unique because it is probably the first time this year I can say that jigs ruled. Almost a fish a cast for jigs, in shallow water, we had a bunch or 18-20 inch white belly cod. We ended up with 19 keepers in the mix, which is very good for such a short fishing time of the 1/2 day.

Sunday's 3/4 day trip stayed dry all day, It was muggy on land but very comfortable on the ocean, the rain hit us on the ride home and was raining cats and dogs at the dock. The fishing continues o be good. We saw the largest pollock of the year caught today, while reeling up at the end of the trip, a 20 lb pollock took a jig and secured a pool winning fish. Once again, it seems jigs caught the most fish today. Some very nice size cusk, cod and red fish rounded out the keepers. We were just talking yesterday how we have not seen many red fish yet this year, maybe they are finally starting to appear. A tasty bonus for the table. The afternoon 1/2 day trip was cancelled due to increasing wind, seas and potential for dangerous weather.

Our web site has been updated to include our August fishing schedule, remember that as of right now, the Federal regulations will restrict us from keeping cod and haddock as of September 1, so get out here and enjoy a day on the Lady Sea. 

From the Deck of the M/V Lady Sea
Captain Mike & Crew


July 18th, 19th & 20th, 2014
Weekend Fishing Report

Friday we hosted a 3/4 day charter, fishing was a little on the slow side, but I think our customers had other ways to enjoy the day on the ocean. There was plenty of wild life to be seen, they caught a few fish, the inshore grounds seem to have all the small haddock that we were seeing on the full day grounds a few weeks ago. Everyone used bait, so no idea if jigs would have helped, but the group seemed to enjoy themselves.

Saturday morning we had another 3/4 day charter. This was a hearty group of anglers from the western part of the state and were ready to catch fish. They caught some very nice fish as well as a bunch of small fish, lots of stuff happening on deck. At one point, there were 5 crew members working tangles, fixing rigs, and helping with fish. Dog fish created a little havoc and we had our first blue shark of the year around the boat. In the end, a mix bag of fish including some very good size cusk up to 9 lbs. On the way back to the dock, we steamed through a pile of football size tuna just outside the Gloucester breakwater. The afternoon trip was ok. The half day trip was like many this year, some really nice fish. We just have not seen the number of fish that we like to see on the short trips. We saw a Minke whale around the boat today, we expect Blue sharks to start in earnest in the coming weeks, which brings a different level of excitement.

Sunday we had a full day charter. The fishing was good, lots of fish everywhere we went. The balls of bait are well spread out, so it takes some effort. You need to continually change bait, and try different locations and depths. Fighting through the short fish, we put a pretty good trip together. A customer caught a huge wolf fish, 20+ pounds, along with many nice haddock and cod. We ended the day with a mixed bag of fish, dogs continue to pester us. A steady pick.

This week we have a full day trip (7am to 4pm) on Thursday and a marathon 5 am to 5 pm trip on Friday for only $80 pp limited at 30 people, a deal you cannot beat anywhere. Plenty of fish around, summer fishing at its finest.

Remember to follow us on Facebook, many pictures from the trips are posted on our Gloucester Fleet page.


From the Deck of the M/V Lady Sea
Captain Mike & Crew


July 11th, 12th & 13th, 2014
Weekend Fishing Report

Who would have thought under a full moon on calm sunny days we would have our best fishing, catching and keeping of legal fish of the year?

Friday, we had a light crowd of 20 anglers, many regular faces and quality anglers among the group. We caught fish all day long on bait, on jig, and on teasers. We saw some our largest haddock of the year so far, another sign of pollock moving in and of course a bunch of cod. Our largest fish of the year was captured today, a solid 22lb cod caught by our best female angler and best galley person, Kristy. We had one anchor stop that produced fish for 3 hours. The dog fish were there, but not a problem, the tide was manageable, and really nice ocean conditions, with over 100 keepers for the trip, certainly our best fishing day of the year.
Saturday, we ran a 3/4 day trip and a 1/2 day charter in the afternoon. The fishing in general was very good. The morning highlight was the ability to drift. We took one drift over an hour long was like fishing in a buffet line. One cast a cod, one cast a haddock, one cast a pollock, then a red fish and a cusk. One person I know had 8 keepers and 21 sub legal with a 9lb pollock as the biggest fish of the trip, but they were not in the pool. Dogs were more of a problem today, but we were not overrun by them. 

Sunday, we ran an open boat 3/4 day and 1/2 day trips. Depending who you were, the fishing was good or not so good. It was nice to start the day, but the southerly breeze picked up to 25 knts in the afternoon creating a 4 foot choppy sea to contend with. In the morning, we caught quite a few fish and if the cod limit were 19 inches, we would have had a great day of keeper size fish, but since the limit is 21 inches, the keeping of fish was a little light. Our lone jig fisherman had 21 fish, only one keeper, a haddock. A 4 lb cod took the pool. The afternoon, the conditions were not very good, it was tough to get the anchor set properly, and the seas made it difficult to tend bottom. Only a few keepers were caught. We did have an impressive basking shark visit us today, probably in the 20 feet category, swam around the boat, checked us out and swam away. 

This week we have an all day on Wednesday, and the Half Day on Saturday.  We do have a 3/4 day on the 22nd, an All Day on the 24th, and of course the Marathon on the 25th, along with plenty of spots for the Half Day and 3/4 Day on the weekend of the 26th.  So don't delay, spots are filling up fast.

From the Deck of the M/V Lady Sea
Captain Mike & Crew


Tuesday, July 8th, 2014 Fishing Report

Tuesday July 8, we had a midweek open boat 3/4 day trip that brought 20 people to the Lady Sea. These trips tend to be enjoyable for families and younger anglers. The weather was nice, a little warm, but very calm. We continue to see decent fish marks on the 3/4 day grounds and a nice mix of cod, haddock, cusk and redfish were bagged today. A good size 6lb haddock took pool honors  and plenty of small fish to keep people busy. Another good day of fishing. Don't forget, we have a couple of these trips available this weekend, 7am to 1pm leaving plenty of time to explore the City of Gloucester in the afternoon.

From the Deck of the M/V Lady Sea
Captain Mike & Crew


Monday, July 7th Fishing Report

Today, the Lady Sea made a rare appearance in Boston Harbor as a group of anglers wanted a full day charter, but preferred the boat come to them. No problem. We brought the boat, the crew, the bait, the rods and galley. They brought a few additional food selections of wings and lobster rolls. It was another fun charter for guests and crew. We always like to look at other pieces of bottom and today we got to see parts of Stellwagen Bank further south than where we typically fish. The fishing was ok, not great, not terrible, but considering we don’t visit that area very often, we did ok, and more importantly, people had a good time. Weather was perfect. Have boat, will travel.

If you have a group interested in having a private charter, we have dates available throughout the summer and don’t forget, we have open boat trips scheduled this week,  All day fishing on Friday, 3/4 day trip on Saturday, and both a ¾ day and ½ day trip on Sunday.

 From the Deck of the M/V Lady Sea
Captain Mike & Crew


July 6th, Sunday
Weekend Update

Finally left the dock for a ¾ day trip on Sunday morning. Twenty fishermen willing to brave the ocean after Hurricane/TS Arthur passed through Saturday morning. You would never have known that a storm had just passed as the ocean was very calm, 1-3 foot seas and very comfortable sailing. The crew was anxious to see if the blow had shaken things up a bit on the fishing grounds and we were not disappointed. The fishing and catching was very good. New fish have found their way to the ¾ day grounds, with our first sign of Pollock. The pool winner was a 9 lb Pollock caught by a young angler on his first trip of the year. We also had some nice clean, white belly cod up to 6 pounds, a scattering of haddock rounded out the keepers. A 6 lb Wolffish graced our deck for a moment as did about 25 dog fish, all of which were returned to the ocean.

This week we are running a 3/4 day on Tuesday, an all day on Friday, a 3/4 day on Saturday, and both the 3/4 day an Half day on Sunday. 

Remember, weekend trips go fast!


June 27th, 28th & 29th
Friday, Saturday & Sunday
Weekend  Update

Two weekends in a row of outstanding weather. Gloucester was alive this weekend with the Fiesta. Fun and festivities rule the harbor.

The Lady Sea had 3 full boats on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. All three days were pretty much the same. A slow pick from stop to stop. The fish have spread out throughout the fishing grounds, we are not seeing the big balls of bait anymore as that has spread out as well. We stop, we pick, we move. That is how we are getting it done. We still fight through a number of short fish, roughly 5 short fish for every keeper. The dog fish have been very manageable and we continue to see some real nice cod and haddock. Pool winners continue to be 6-8 lb cod, haddock and cusk.

On Sunday, the crew hosted a full day corporate fishing charter for 50 people. More than we usually take fishing, but this group was full of energy, created some great fun for themselves and the crew. As happy as they were to be on the ocean, the crew was just as happy to have them. The fishing was ok, the cigars were outstanding, and thanks Jimmy for showing us how not to come down the back stairs. Looking forward to next year.

The ocean is alive, we had a friendly seal visit on Friday and Saturday, dolphins were around all three days, and some distant whale spouts were also seen. It won’t be long before the blue sharks arrive and give a new challenge.

This week we have space available for the All Day trip on Wednesday, a 3/4 day on the 4th of July from 8am-2pm for those who don't want to get up too early and make it back early enough for an afternoon cookout.  Saturday and Sunday we have both the 3/4 day and half day trips available.  


From the Deck of the M/V Lady Sea
Captain Mike & Crew


Wednesday, June 25th
Fishing Report

Well, after 9 straight days of warm, calm weather the fish officially went to sleep yesterday. No way to sugar coat this report, Wednesday was not a good day of catching. It can only get better from here. We moved frequently, would stop on some fish and they immediately scattered. We threw bait, jigs and cod flies at them and nothing seemed to get their attention. Though disappointing in the catching department, it certainly was better than being on land where the hazy, hot and humids ruled the day. The pool winner was a 6 lb cod. We did see some dolphins around today, we are also hearing of a pretty good whale show not far from where we were fishing.


St. Peter’s festival is in full swing in Gloucester, a weather system pushed through overnight, hopefully that will shake things up a bit and get the fish motivated to bite. The weekend weather looks absolutely fantastic, lots of fun to be had. We still have room for the July 4th holiday week, with all day trips on Wednesday the 2nd and Friday the 4th, together with the 3/4 day and half day trips for Saturday and Sunday.  




From the Deck of the M/V Lady Sea
Captain Mike & Crew


June 20th, 21st & 22nd
Marathon Friday, Saturday & Sunday
Weekend  Wrap-up

With weather like this, what could possibly go wrong? For the customers, it was great weekend to be on the water, for the crew, a little pain and suffering, but we all survived.

Friday’s marathon, we had a light crowd, at the request of some of our ‘regular’ anglers, sometimes I like to call them irregular, but we headed to parts seldom traveled by the Lady Sea to southern Jeffries, pretty much as far north as we go. It was a slow start to the catching of legal size fish, plenty of small haddock, but that’s not what we want. We worked our way to the south, picking away at the fish. By the afternoon, we were on Tillies which is where we found the rest of the fishing armada, boats from Boston to New Hampshire in the area we typically fish on our day trips. The pick was a little better and we scraped together a decent day, depending on who you ask. The low point of the trip was when deckhand Mike decided to lodge a circle hook into his hand, that pretty much put him on ice for the majority of the day and a trip to the ER upon our return. Sorry Hammer, you don’t get that hook back!

Saturday we again had a light crowd for the ¾ day trip. Fishing was good, lots of activity, a mix bag of fish, some very nice cod and haddock have appeared on the ¾ grounds. We had a bachelor party among us, only appropriate that the groom to be catches a 6 lb cusk and wins the pool. While cutting fish, deckhand Joey decided to slip the filet knife over his middle finger knuckle, which required a call to the bullpen for another meat cutter. In the afternoon, we hosted a boy scout troop, an eager group of 40, many of whom have never been on the ocean. As luck would have it for them, one of our regular anglers is also a registered merit badge counselor for Fishing merit badge, so with a little prework by the scouts, we were able to complete the badge for 5 scouts and 3 are just about done. Great fun, great day, great group of people.

Sunday, we had a full boat for the ¾ day trip, the fishing was good, the dog fish took a nap today which made our overall keeper production higher. We had a nice mix of cod, haddock, red fish and cusk. Just as the captain called the trip a lucky angler landed an 8 lb cusk to take the pool. One person had 7 legal fish, pretty good for a ¾ day trip. The half day trip was a little on the slow side, the weather has lulled the fish to sleep, we caught a few nice haddock and cod, but not enough to send everyone home with fish.

 It was really a fun weekend to be aboard the Lady Sea. This week, Gloucester has ST Peter’s Fiesta, one of the summer highlights.

From the Deck of the M/V Lady Sea
Captain Mike & Crew

We have scheduled trips this week for Wednesday, the 25th and Friday the 27th for the All Day Trip.  ______________________________________________

Saturday, June 14th, and Sunday, June 15th
Fishing Report

Friday's full day trip was cancelled due to strong SE winds, 5 to 8 foot seas and heavy rain, a day that certainly would have had a negative impact on the customer experience.

Saturday we were able to run the 3/4 day trip in the morning as we turned out of the harbor, we were greeted by a leftover swell from the SE and fog. A perfect recipe for some sea sickness for all. Even some of the seasoned anglers were felling a little off balance. The catching of fish was not very good. We tried as best we could, found some piles of fish, pick away at a few, but slower than we like it. The kicker was the starter piston in the port engine failed, which left us with out a winch to haul the anchor, so the captain and crew had to manually haul it from 240 feet. No need for Crossfit that night.
Sunday, a perfect weather day, winds out of the NW, felt like the end of September weather. Fishing was much better than it has been, and the dog fish have arrived. Of course, the dogs created some of our better tangles of the year, but this expected on a party boat and our experienced crew can get things straightened out quickly. We were able to pick through the dogs and put some really nice cod, haddock and cusk in the filet bags. The pool winner was a 12 lb cod.
This week, we have and all day trip on Wednesday, the Marathon on Friday, 3/4 Day on Saturday, and the 3/4 Day and Half Day on Sunday.  Call for reservations soon as trips fill up fast.

From the Deck of the M/V Lady Sea
Captain Mike & Crew


Sunday, June 8th & Monday, June 9th
Fishing Report

Sunday we ran our first 3/4 day, 1/2 day open boat trips. Both trips were a little on the slow side in terms of catching fish, as it was the whole weekend according to most captains. Good signs of fish starting to show on the inshore grounds along with some bait. Some tuna being reported in the area as well, though not a target fish of the Lady Sea, it is a good sign that there is bait and fish in the area. We worked mostly hard bottom as that has been most productive for keepers and fish variety. Thus we caught some cod, cusk, redfish, and mud hake (south shore calls them ling), all of which can produce a decent meal. A 9 lb cusk won the largest fish of the day honors.

The Monday'trip was another full day charter. It was better than it was on Friday and Saturday's charter, but still not good enough for us to be satisfied. The bait was there, the fish were there, but the bite still lagged. With all the bait around, don't be afraid to throw on a jig for a while, if bait isn't producing, try something different. There were some whales around on Monday chasing the bait, but not as actively as last week. A 13lb white belly cod won the pool on Monday, our largest cod/fish of the year.

This week we are planning on having a full day trip on Friday, 3/4 and 1/2 day trips on Saturday, and our Sunday Father's Day full day trip with a free rod rental to all fathers. Good weather is forecast so let's go fishing, we don't guarantee catching, but we try like hell!

From the Deck of the M/V Lady Sea
Captain Mike & Crew


Friday, June 6th & Saturday, June 7th
Fishing Report

Friday, we took a repeat group of customers on their all day fishing charter. The fish were there, as they have been all year, but maybe there is to much bait on the fishing grounds right now, or maybe they are just not interested, but fresh clams were not what they were looking for. We tried many different depths and locations, all showing fish, but just couldn't get a bite going. We ended up wit a couple dozen keepers, but certainly the numbers we expect this time of year.

On Saturday, we took another full day charter with some first time customers. A group of experienced anglers, again we had high hopes. We changed the location from Friday, only to have a repeat of Friday. We were among a couple other party boats, a few 6 packs, and many private boats. Everyone seemed to be doing the same thing, pick a few and move. Everyone was crisscrossing the bank looking for that hungry group of fish. We were able to drift fish for most of the day which gave us more mobility and we picked away throughout the day. The short to keeper ratio was about 5 shorts for every keeper. One angler with a jig caught the most fish, but most were foul hooked. An 8 lb cusk took pool honors.

The whale show from last week was not back this week, but we did see our first basking shark of the year. The water temperature is increasing which makes it more comfortable for everyone. The chili was sweet and spicy, and though the fishing was tough, good times were had by all.


From the Deck of the M/V Lady Sea
Captain Mike & Crew


May 30th, 31st & June 1st
Weekend Report

Saturday and Sunday fishing certainly changed from Friday. The weather was good for ground fishing, but the catching was less than desired. some would say quality over quantity, and we did have some nice fish. Saturday's pool winner was a 7 lb cod, on Sunday, 6's were wild, 6 lb cusk, 6 lb cod, and a 6 pound haddock, but the 8 lb cod took pool honors. On Sunday some of the GF regular anglers were happy with 4 keepers and felt that was the best they could do. Again, bait beat jigs by a large margin. The old adage, 'fishing, not catching' seemed to be the rule.

The real show on Tillies is the whale show. On Saturday, we were on anchor and had a whale surface within 50 yards of the stern. On Sunday, we arrived at the fishing grounds, we had balls of bait being chased to the surface. The surface feeding whale show as truly unreal, all around the boat until about 1pm, then it was over. There had to have been 40 whales, Finback, Pilot and Humpbacks. It was crazy awesome.
The crew put together a delicious fresh fish chowder for patrons to enjoy. This week, we are booked solid, Friday, Saturday, and Monday with charters, on Sunday, we will be having our first open boat 3/4 day, 7am-1pm, and half day 1:30 to 6pm.

Pick up this month’s North Shore Magazine for summer activities in and around Cape Ann, including a nice article about the Gloucester Fleet.

From the Deck of the M/V Lady Sea
Captain Mike & Crew



Friday's marathon was exactly what a marathon should be. Good fishing, good exploring and happy customers. We headed out at 5am under partly cloudy skies with a solid southerly wind that made it a little chilly. It was chilly all day with the water temperature still in the 50s. It was a comfortable day of fishing with only 20 anglers willing to take advantage of this limited load marathon. Haddock and cod ruled the day with a few cusk mixed in. Our largest cod was caught by our own Kristy G. with an 11 lb cod. The pool winner had a nice 9 lb cusk.  We had plenty of cod in the 5-7 lb class and many haddock in the 4 lb class. We were very close to limiting out on haddock for the day, only a handful of fish shy of our limit. Bait seemed to have the advantage over jigs.

We also enjoyed another great chili and chili dogs that Kevin made for the galley to serve. We had a finback whale cruise by, checking us out about 100 yards off our port side. Just another great day on the Atlantic. We still have room for Sunday's full day trip with perfect weather forecasted.

Captain Mike & Crew


May 24th, 25th & 26th
Holiday Weekend Fishing Report

Everything comes in 3’s, this weekend, we had 3 full boats, 3 beautiful sailing days, and 3 good fishing days. The fishing grounds are coming alive. We saw many balls of herring on the screens. This is always a good sign. For the first time that we can remember, we brought a halibut aboard, a tiny, 2 lb halibut, but an interesting catch non the less. In addition, we caught a mixed bag of cod, haddock, cusk, and red fish, with a few dog fish and a wolf fish (released) to round out the catch. It seems anyone that wanted fish, went home with fish. The legal to sub legal was about 1 to 5. There was a better sign of cod in the 5-9 lb range this weekend, with nice, clean white bellies. Pool winners were a 7 lb haddock on Saturday and two 9 lb cod on Sunday and Monday, all of which were coughing up herring, thus, finally, the jig had some success.

Sunday and Monday we had the bonus of having some Finback whales around, especially on Sunday, they came within 200 yards of the boat and gave a good view of their flukes.

This week, we still have room on Friday, May 30th marathon, taking 30 people at $80 pp from 5am to 5 pm. Saturday is the last day for the Spring Special of $54.50.  Sunday is the last full day from 7am to 4pm at our full price of $64.00 pp.  We are now starting our summer schedule offering the 3/4 day and half day trips on the weekends.  Always call for reservations as we only put 40 people on a boat and it fills up fast.

Thank you for a great weekend. 

From the deck of the M/V Lady Sea
Captain Mike


May 17th & 18th, 2014
Weekend Fishing Report

Finally, back at it, after a week of some boat maintenance, The Lady Sea is running as well as she has in 5 years. Time well spent in the engine room. On Saturday, we had 2 scheduled charters, the morning charter chose to reschedule due to rain and wind, but the afternoon ½ day charter wanted to go for it. The skies cleared, bright sunshine and a leftover Southeast 4 to 5 foot swell met us as we exited the breakwater.

This was our first trip to the ½ day grounds of the year and really had no idea what to expect. The fishing was slow, but interesting. If you wanted to meet some creatures from the deep, this trip was for you. We caught our usual mix of haddock and cod, but also saw some large red fish, a mud hake, a wolf fish, a couple sculpin, and an eel pout. Some of the ugliest fish you will see, yet an interesting experience for people who have never fished off Gloucester.

Sunday we had a full boat full day trip. Cloudy, chilly start to the morning on calm seas, the sun broke through around mid-morning. We sailed to Tillies, where we were greeted by other party boats and six pack charters. The morning bite was slow, we pecked away at some small haddock with a fairly strong tide making tangles a bit of a problem. When the sun came out, the bite seems to pick up, we started seeing more keepers in the mix, cod and haddock, a few dog fish have started to arrive as well. People that continually put the effort in to have fresh bait out fished those that didn’t and bait definitely has the advantage over jigs.  An 8 pound cod took big fish honors.

This weekend is our last full weekend of the spring special, $54.50 per person, this week’s schedule is Friday, Saturday and Sunday, All Day Trips from 7am - 4pm and of course Monday, Memorial Day.   And don’t forget, we have a Marathon 5am-5pm scheduled for Friday May 30th, $80 per person, with the 31st of May being the last day for our Spring Special.

From the Deck of the M/V Lady Sea


MAY 2nd & 3rd, 2014

Friday we took our first 5 am to 5 pm marathon trip with flat seas and nice weather. I will not sugar coat it, It did not turn out to be what we were expecting. We had 30 very good anglers that threw bait, jigs, teasers, even candy at the fish and got very little in return. We moved the boat about 20 times, we worked 3 different fishing areas all showing promising signs of fish, we drift fished and we anchored, shallow water, deeper water. In the end, we took home about 35 legal fish. Who knows, I guess it's fishing, pretty disappointing from the crew perspective and I am sure the customers were disappointed. Better days ahead.

Saturday's open boat full day trip was another beautiful day on the water, the fishing was better than the previous day. We fished in a similar location as we did on Friday, it seemed the fish were more active especially late morning. We had one anchor stop that lasted 2 hours yielding the majority of our fish. It was a nice steady pick, with a keeper ratio of 2 shorts for every legal fish. We ended the day with 76 keepers, with our largest haddock at 7 lbs, largest cod at 9 lbs, and largest pollock at 4 lbs of the season so far. Some of the cod were nice white belly cod, hopefully that is a sign of new fish entering our fishing area.


This week we have another 5 to 5 marathon on Friday, limited space available, with the all day trips on Saturday and Sunday from 7- 4.  Remember, we still have the spring special of $54.50 per person for the all day trip max of 40 people, marathons are $80.00 max 30 people. We appreciate your business and look forward to seeing you aboard. 


Besides the fishing we have had some whale and dolphin sightings along the way for an added bonus, it is not ALWAYS about catching fish.

  From the Deck of the M/V Lady Sea



Sunday, April 27th, 2014
All Day Fishing

Sunday April 27, Cloudy start to the day over calm seas with 25 people,  we headed back toward Tillies for another look around. The sounding machine showed great promise, the first couple of stops produced a few keepers, but certainly not enough to keep us interested. Captain decided to change the location a little, steamed about 1.5 miles, similar look on the fish finder, but these fish were hungry. We had a very steady bite for about an hour and a half of white belly market cod, decent haddock and a few cusk. We also landed our first couple dog fish of the season. The pool winning fish was a nice 8 lb cod caught by regular angler Mark T. Everybody went home with fish as we landed close to 100 keepers.

From the Deck of the Lady Sea

APRIL 18-20, 2014

Opening day started a little sloppy with 3-5 foot rolling swell coming from the east and a 2-3 foot chop on top. Instead of heading to NE to where the haddock have been reported and covered by 8-10 other party boats, we headed to Tillies Ledge which has basically been untouched since the fall. This put the sea on the bow instead of the keel making it a much more comfortable ride and we would have the sea on our stern coming home. Saturday and Sunday were much more comfortable for traveling the ocean with more sunshine and calm ocean.

April fishing is always a challenge, finding fish, knowing what is happening, where, and water depths are productive. Since we were doing our own thing, we needed to make extra moves to stay on the fish. We did in fact find plenty of fish, but the bite was less than impressive until the early afternoon high tide. We marked fish everywhere we went.  We would pick a few and move on.   Captain Mike even stayed a little late on Friday to get a few more fish on the boat, which was also a good decision.  Some anglers did better than others at picking, but by the end of the trip we had between 40 and 60 keepers with a mix of cod and haddock. 

As of May 1, there will be new regulations in terms of bag limits on haddock and cod. We believe, and still waiting for confirmation, 9 cod per person at minimum 21”, 3 haddock per person at 21”, redfish unlimited at 9”, cusk have no restrictions, Pollock are unlimited at 19”, and mackerel is unlimited.  For example, from what we understand, if there are 20 customers and 5 crew members, 25 people on the boat, the boat can keep 225 cod and 75 haddock for that trip. Only a few times a year will that limit be reached.

We continue to offer $54.50 per person spring special on all full day trips, and we plan to operate Friday through Sunday, 7am to 4pm.

Please call for reservations 978 559 1978

From the M/V Lady Sea
Capt. Mike



Our last marathon was a success.  We were worried about the weather, but it turned out to be a manageable day with 15kts of wind out of the west-southwest and a 4foot sea.  The fishing itself proved to be good throughout the day, although we had to battle endless numbers of dogfish.  There were plenty of haddock to go around, and on one stop we even got into some m10 to 15-pound codfish.  We finished the day with close to 300 keepers on board and plenty of happy anglers.

Capt. Mike


Columbus Day saw calm seas, 60 degrees, JUMBO haddock, good mix of cod also. Only thing missing, the fall Pollock, but the haddock made up for that, quantity and quality. 

Remember, Cod season ends November 1st! 



Fishing Report for the week of
August 1st - the 4th, 2013

Hello everyone,

Sorry, the fishing reports have been severely lacking over the last few weeks, Ive been real busy with the boat.

The all day fishing has continued to be stellar, although the number of dogfish has increased substantially. we have been making about three stops a trip because I'm finding that its worth the work to stay on a spot and fight through the sharks. The stops haven't been hot and heavy like they were at the beginning of last month, but by the end of the trips the numbers are adding up. We had 150 keepers for 22 anglers on Thursday, with a 15lb Pollock winning the pool.

The 3/4 day fishing last weekend was better than average, with the dogs being on the lighter side (if you can call it that). On both Saturday and Sunday we made two stops and caught over 75 fish. Mostly haddock and cusck. We also had 5 wolfish on Saturdays trip, ranging from 9lbs to 23lbs.

The half day trip on Saturday was also good, with about 25 keeper cod and another 10 Haddock. We stayed within 10 miles of the Harbor, in 180 feet of water and had minimal dogs and happy customers.

If you didn't know guys, our monthly marathon trip is on for Friday this week, 5am to 5pm. So give us a shout and reserve a spot if your looking for some quality fishing time. The last marathon was a little bumpy weather wise, but the fishing was phenomenal.

Call for reservations 978-559-1978

From the M/V Lady Sea
Capt. Mike


Fishing Report for the week of July 4th

Hey everyone, I want to apologize for the lack of fishing reports from last weekend. I've been really busy with the boat so far this week and haven't had time to post any. As soon as I get some time to sit down and write them I will post them.

Briefly though, all day fishing on Thursday and Friday was good. We caught some dogs again, but both days finished with around 150 keepers.

The half day and three-quarter day trips weren't as good as the past few weeks. We had to work hard to catch what we did. I think the nice weather lulled the fish to sleep...

Capt. Mike

This week we have:
Thursday all day 7-4
Friday marathon 5-5
Saturday and Sunday 7-1 and 130-6

Fishing Report for Friday June 28th
7am to 4pm
Southerly winds 10-15 with gusts up to 25 knots
6ft seas

For those who think that party boat fishing is only for fair-weather fisherman, you don't know us or our customers very well.

It was rough, rainy and generally unpleasant on the North Atlantic for the better part of the day. But the 17 anglers on board the Lady Sea were not deterred from the rail. We only had a couple of sick people on board, and the rest were real happy that we didn't turn around.

It was yet another 1 stop trip! No, I'm not lying. Yes, the fishing was that good. We had half the number of people as Thursdays trip, and about 20 less keepers.

Everything was caught on bait, and everyone caught fish. The more novice anglers that we had on the boat ended up with 10 keepers per person, and the more experienced anglers had anywhere from 15 to 29 keepers per person. It was one of those days where you couldn't hit the bottom without getting a bite.

The majority of our fish were cod, but we also had a mix of haddock, pollock and cusck mixed in. The pool fish was a 13 pound cod, with some bigger pollock coming in close behind.

So far this has been the most productive fishing season we have seen in a while. So if you're looking to kill some fish and have some fun doing it, look no farther.

It's what we do...

Capt. Mike

Fishing Report for Sunday June 23
7am-1pm and 1:30pm-6pm
southerly winds 5-10 with gusts up to 15 knots
Seas 2-4 ft

It was almost a repeat of Saturday, almost. We didn't have as many people on the 2 trips as we did the day before, with only 15 people on both trips, the rail space was plentiful. It's our policy that if we can at least cover our expenses for the day, then we're taking you out fishing. That's just how we roll.

The morning was a lot like Saturday morning. We fought a lot of dogfish, however we had a steadier flow of nice cod coming over the rail throughout the trip than the day before. It was still hard work, but with the shorter number of people the tangles were kept to a minimum. It was a 13 pound cod that won the pool. We ended up with 65 keepers and some really happy customers.

The afternoon 1/2 day trip was the best one of the weekend. Our first stop lasted about a half an hour, and didn't produce much. Then we reset on top of the pile of fish that we were seeing on the sound machine, and it was on...

We stayed on that spot for the next couple hours, and the fishing turned into serious catching. At no point over that time was there less than two keepers coming over the rail in a 5 min time span. The fish were all nice white-bellied codfish ranging from 4 to 15 pounds, with the occasional big pollock mixed in. We had 3 of our regular anglers fishing on the stern who put 18 keepers int he cooler between them. Even the people who had less experience put up big numbers and went home with multiple Ziploc bags of fillets.

The fishing has continued to be some of the best we've seen in the last few years, with the occasional rough day mixed in. If you're looking for some fun fishing with a good crew, don't bother going anywhere else. I have to say that my crew does a great job (don't tell them I said that, it might go to their heads).

This weeks schedule:
All day fishing on Thursday, 7am to 4pm
Night fishing on Thursday, 7pm to 1am
All day fishing on Fri, 7am to 4pm
3/4 day on Sat and Sun, 7am to 1pm
1/2 day on Sat and Sun, 1:30pm to 6pm

If you know who we are, then you know what we do...

Capt. Mike


Winds: W 5-10kn

Sorry this is late but ive had some things to do the last few days and i haven't had much time to myself. Mondays trip was one of the best EVER on the Lady Sea and by far the best Full Day trip this year. We only made ONE stop all day. Let me say that one more time: WE ONLY DROPPED THE ANCHOR ONCE AND DIDN'T HAUL IT UNTIL IT WAS TIME TO GO HOME! There was a consistent bite all day long and by noon some people had had enough. There arms couldnt take it anymore! Lg Cod, Lg Haddock, some really nice cusk, a few nice pollack with the rest of the day bringing 6-10lb codfish over the rail non stop. The pool winner was a 20 LB Cod.

Capt Mike definitely put the boat on the meat and everyone left with FULL coolers and a lot of fish. Did i mention we only had 18 people??? They we're a great group and we all had a blast. The fishing on ALL our trips this year has been AMAZING. Don't miss out guys, call and book a trip now!
Fridays trip is a 7-4pm and we're still looking to put a few more people on the boat. Call 978-559-1978 for info and reservations!

ALSO!!!! The Mile Marker Restaurant (a 2 minute walk from the boat) located at the Cape Ann Marina has a new deal where they will cook your fish caught aboard the Lady Sea. Please inquire aboard the boat or at the Mile Marker for details. Check out our website also, for more details.

Thanks for looking, Arch

7-1pm 3/4 day
1:30-6pm Half Day Charter
Wind: Southerly 5-10 knots
Seas:1-3 ft
Temp:70 deg

Wow.... What a difference a few hours makes!!! We started out this morning with a 3/4 day trip and we we're almost full. We steamed to the East and got started in about 240 ft of water and man was the tide ripping. We were on the anchor and if you looked off the back of the boat it looked like we were leaving a wake. It was probably the worst tide ive seen all year. Very tough to hit the bottom with 16oz of lead which made for extremely difficult fishing. We ended up moving into some shoal water to try and get away from the tide and it didn't help at all. Still screaming, still hard to hit the bottom and hold the bottom. We ended up with a few nice fish but for a 3/4 day trip, it was below average as far as what we caught. The conditions just didn't allow us to do what we do. Pool winner was a 12 LB Codfish.

Now for the Half Day trip report. I don't know where to begin. Usually because of time constraints we cant get out far enough to hit a lot of our hot spots for Cod and Haddock etc... We have some good bottom we can fish inshore but its not usually as good as a 3/4 or a Full Day. We ended up stopping on a piece of bottom that was within an hour of home and it was on fire! We tried to drift but we ended up having to drop the hook which ended up working to our advantage. We had half the amount of passengers this afternoon and caught 4 times as many fish and they were ALL quality fish with a lot of weight to them. It was unbelievable!!! A bunch of Large Cod, A lot of Market Cod (Market Cod is what we caught the most of today, theyre between 8-12 lbs), a few Big Cusk, some nice haddock and we caught a 30 LB Wolffish too. Unreal for Half Day fishing!!! It was probably one of the best half day trips we've all ever been on. We did release the Wolffish and he is alive and well. In case you're wondering why we let it go, they're an endangered species so we can't legally possess them, however we do bring them onboard to get the hook out, get a quick picture and we throw them right back in. The Wolffish is maybe out of the water for a total of a minute and a half tops. The Pool was split between the 30lb Wolffish and a 25lb Cod. It was a great trip with an even better group of guys that had a effin blast and took home a lot of full ziplock bags and coolers!!!!!!

Check out some great pictures on our Facebook page.

Thanks for looking, Arch...


1:30-6pm Half Day Charter
WIND: South 10-15 knots

SEAS: 2-4ft

TEMP: 67 Deg

What's up ya'll, here's today's fishing report. Brought to you in part by the Gloucester Fleet: We Kill Fish, It's what we DO!... Check us out at!!!

Well today's fishing was a little slow due to the weather. The reminisce of the "tropical" storm really screwed with the fishing and the bite. The wind wasn't too bad but the tide was really strong and holding the boat up in to the wind. After trying the anchor for the first stop, Capt Mike decided to drift for the rest of the day. Drifting helped but there just wasn't much we could do except put everyone on one side and hope for the best. We managed a few nice fish but over all the fishing was slow we just couldn't get a bite going. Hopefully things will be back to normal tomorrow.
We have a 7-4 All Day trip tomorrow and its full. If you wanted to go, you can try calling in the morning to see if anyone cancelled there reservations but that's about it. Thanks for looking, see you soon... AFM Jr.



6am-3pm Full Day Charter
WIND: E 10-15 knts gust to 20 knts
SEAS: 2-4ft
TEMP: 55 DEG's
Written by A.F. MacLEOD Jr. 1st Mate/Deckhand/Engineer/COO/V.P. Of Marketing/Customer Relations Specialist/Deck Technician/Booze Cruise & Fishing Relief Capt.

Ladies and Gentlemen, i now present you with today's fishing report. Brought to you in part by the Gloucester Fleet: We Kill Fish, It's what we DO!... Check us out at!!!

That was probably a poor attempt at humor but you still read it. I win. HA! Today we had a 6-3pm all day charter with a great group from New York state. Dave and Co. were avid fishermen so my job was a hell of a lot easier today as far as working the deck because everyone had a pretty good idea as to what goes on. Everyone left with a lot of fish and we all had a blast. Pool winner was a 20 LB Codfish.

We started the day out to the East on Tillies and stayed in the area all day. We only made a few stops and most were right around 240 ft of water. The bite was pretty good all day but we had 20 knots of easterly wind that made it a little shitty on the ride out and i think it affected the bite as well. The tide managed to stay manageable throughout the day so if you could get used to fishing in the chop you did pretty well. All in all it was a successful trip with good numbers of Cod and Haddock or as someone coined them the other day "Haddilac's"...haha

TOMORROWS TRIP IN THE MORNING HAS BEEN CANCELLED DUE TO WEATHER!!!! The afternoon is still a go at this point but call the office just to check in either tonight or in the AM. The fishing is still great and should continue as long as we get the weather for it. This weekend's weather looks iffy but that's the way it goes. Call 978-559-1978 for more info on cancellations or our trip schedule. Thanks for looking, more when I can.... Arch

June 1st and 2nd (SAT & SUN)

SAT- 7-1 3/4 day and 1:30-6PM Half Day
SUN- 7-1pm 3/4 Day

I really dont know where to begin when it comes to this weekend! I have so much id like to tell you all but i work here and i fear it would sound like bullshit if i told you how good the fishing was BOTH days AND Friday. I guess if you've read my fishing reports before, you know i dont lie. If it's bad fishing, i'll tell you its bad and how bad. Some people might not agree with the way i write these things but i refuse to be censored...haha

Saturday started off with a bang. We had a 7-1 charter and the fishing was great. We anchored all day in just over 200 ft of water and only had to move once after that. The first stop was an hour and the second stop was just over 2 hours of straight fishing mayhem. Large haddock, Med Haddock, All sizes of Cod, a big wolffish, some big pollack and some big cusk were what filled the coolers and ziplocks. It's great when you have people on board who really put the time and effort into paying attention to the advice given by the crew. What a difference it makes dealing with getting fish over that rail, tangles and everything else a crew deals with during a trip. I'll never tell how many we caught, but illl tell you we caught a lot. Book a reservation with us and you can see for yourself. Its funny, fishing seems to be getting better and better on the inshore grounds which gives me hope for the future of this industry here in New England.

Saturday afternoon was a half day open boat and we did well for having a full boat. Its half day fishing, thats all i can say. If you expected to pay less, spend less time on the water and catch more, than someone told you a story. However if you're on vacation with your family and looking for an afternoon of fun with the kids, this is it. Everyone had a blast and we caught a couple fish in the process.

Sunday started off with a question mark as far as if we'd even get the day in. The morning looked OK but as the day went on the forecast was going to shit and there was nothing we could do about it. The fishing Sunday morning was just as good as Saturday and we went in a totally different direction due to the weather and the seas. Cod of all sizes was the mainstay of the day with a few cusk mixed in. Another day where we maybe made 2-3 stops if i remember correctly. The fishing was hot and the bite was on all day. For the 3rd day in a row, the decks were bloody and the bags were full. We had a great group of people with us on Saturday with Dave M winning the pool with a 15 LB cod. But a close second and high hook of the trip was Sonia Giddens. She didnt realize she had them on half the time but hey, whatever works!!! LOL

The fishing is hot, the decks are red and the summer rolls on. I cant believe its already June. Call the office at 978-559-1978 for more info and check out for more info on our upcoming trips and specials like our Marathons and Night Cod fishing trips. See you soon, more when I can....

Jack of all Trades at the GF
aka im confused as to what my job is...



So, we had a full day 7-4PM trip today, the boat was full and man was it HOT! Summer has arrived here in New England and we're all excited here at the "GF" for summer fishing and summer fishing weather.

We left right at 7 and steamed about 2 hours and got anchored on Tillies in about 270 ft and christ was the tide ridiculous. With the tide screaming and a full boat with 40 of my closest friends, this day had the potential to be a debacle but in all honesty it ended up being a good day of fishing despite the conditions. We had to work through a lot of tangles and some of them we're just out of control but every tangle had a nice Cod or Haddock in it so it was bittersweet. 2 stops later we had a bite going on a couple nice pieces of bottom in the same general area. Bait was the weapon of choice as usual and we managed a lot of nice Haddock, Cod, Cusk and Pollack.

As the morning turned to afternoon we hit the tide change and it slowed down finally. We made about a 20 min move to the Southwest and headed for some shoal water.  The rest of the day we we're in right around 220ft. We managed about a half hour until the tide started screaming again and the wind picked up out of the South at the same time. The tide was holding the boat into the wind as well as spinning us around 180 degrees a few times. We swung back and forth on the anchor for the rest of the day all the while managing to keep the Cod and Haddock coming over the railing and everyone managed a few nice fish today. The pool winner was a 23 LB Pollack caught by the crew hailing from Seabrooke, NH.

We ended the day with a 2 hour Sunset Booze Cruise that was a combination Birthday Party and a Benefit for Relay for Life. We had a blast cruising the harbor with a fully catered galley, a full Bar with Liquor and Beer and a DJ on the upper deck. If youre interested in Sunset Cruises go to and click the sunset cruise link for more info on pricing and available dates.

Saturday has a 7-1pm charter in the morning and a Open Boat Half Day fishing trip scheduled for the afternoon. If youre interested in the Open Boat Half Day Trip call the office at 978-559-1978 and we'll be happy to help you out with reservations. Sunday has a 7-4pm Open Boat All Day Fishing Trip that has a few spots left. The fishing has been great, the weather is getting warm and we're killing plenty of quality fish folks. Its what we do! Hope to see you this weekend, the weather looks like it will be amazing. From the bloody decks of the F/V Lady Sea,


Well, today was a bust. Came down the boat expecting to get a day of fishing in but that bitch mother nature had other plans, Apparently the weather man was F.U.I. (forecasting under the Influence) too because he was dead wrong along with the buoy reports. But, thats fishing, You take the information youre given and you try to make the best decision you can so that everyone is safe and catching fish. As much as we enjoy killing a Cod or 2 aboard the mega yacht "Lady Sea", customer safety always comes first. We want everyone to have a great trip,  kill some fish and come home in one piece. WE WILL NEVER bring you out on the water and beat you up all day to get your money, thats just not how we operate. We also won't charge you for a full day trip and bring you to half day fishing grounds just to "get the trip in".  We believe that you deserve better than that. And thats the difference between the Gloucester Fleet and the others. We're going to treat you right, we'll go the distance for our loyal customers as well as our new friends and we'll put every effort into putting you on as much quality fish as possible, as safely as possible.

The reason i mention all this is that we had to turn around today and cut the trip short due to weather. Capt. Mike and the crew decided that the conditions were not conducive to good fishing and we had a lot of sick people that wanted to go home. The wind was relentless and continued to pick up as the morning went on. The boat has a big ass and shes heavy and extremely stable but it gets to a point where you just cant hold the bottom and fish effectively. We managed a few fish out of the one stop we made and the pool winner was a 17 LB cod. Not much else to report about today. THATS WHY THEY CALL IT FISHING, not CATCHING...HAHA Anyway, tomorrows trip is a no-go but Tuesday is a GO. Call the office @ 978-559-1978 and book your rail spot now. It might fill up if these people from today come back.

 Anyway, I'm going to go find the weatherman and punch him in the face. Im sure Dave McDonald will bail me out. haha From all of us here at the Gloucester Fleet, Happy Memorial Day! Drink em up and drink one for me! Check out for more info. BUt hey, what do i know. Im just a deckhand. More when i can...... Arch, F/V Lady Sea


Greetings from the F/V Lady Sea command post here in Gloucester, Mass. SO, i know these reports are late but like I mentioned, we changed some marketing positions around in the company and I'm playing catch up after a long weekend last weekend and a week of boat upgrades. SO! My name is Archie and I'm a fishaholic, nice to meet you... Here we go.  Last Saturdays fishing was nothing short of spectacular. We started the day off with a 3/4 day charter.  We Didn't have too many people and the conditions we're perfect. Flat calm, no tide and everyone was on the ball and hammering the fish. Our first stop was over 3 hours long and we caught the bulk of the fish in the morning. Bait was the way to go and jigs didn't produce much at all. We have a new bait supplier and its fresher than i've ever seen. We add a little salt and freeze it ourself and it seems to be working really well. Cod and Haddock we're the majority of what we caught but we had a mixed bag of cusk and nice sized pollack as well. The decks we're bloody and the charter had a blast! Pool winner was a slammer 25 LB codfish and a 20 LB pollack took 2nd place. Remember guys, leave the jigs in the tackle box and stick with the bait. BTW: If you use power pro or spider wire type line, a 50-60 foot shot of Monofilament helps a lot when it comes to bait fishing. It gives you that little bit of extra stretch so you dont tear the fish's face off when you set the hook. Truth be told, it helps us get you out of tangles a lot easier too. Just a thought guys. I suggest things and make recommendations based off of whats been happening on recent trips and what i see everyday. SO, take my advice, its free and its current.
 Saturday afternoon's half day trip and Sundays 7-4 all day trip was more of the same. Hammering Cod and Haddock with some nice Pollack mixed in. People we're happy and everyone left with full coolers. We started the morning off fishing in the same area that produced good numbers on Saturday but it wasn't so hot 24 hours later so we hauled the anchor and made a steam to a new area and got going. Hey, thats how quick the fishing can crap out in certain spots. After the long steam sunday morning, we we're a little deeper but it seemed to change it up enough where we got a bite going. Again, most of the fish we're caught on bait and the jigs we're producing sore arms and headaches not fish. Pool winner was a 22 LB Cod and we couldn't have asked for a better gang of guys and girls to fish with all weekend. All the trips we're a blast and everyone had a good laugh and caught some fish.
 While we're on the subject of bait fishing: You dont need to buy these googan "Codfish" or "Haddock" rigs that they charge you 10 bucks for at the tackle shops that are just going to (possibly) get cut up if you get tangled. The crew would be more than happy to sacrifice 5 ft of Mono and make you those same rigs for free. They dont fish any better and they're a pain in the ass when they get tangled. One hook, one sinker and one piece of bait is really all you need. If you want to fish two hooks, by all means, you're more than welcome but if the dogfish come or the tide kicks up, they just cause trouble. Again, just a suggestion.

SO, this weekends weather looks iffy. Saturday is cancelled but Sunday is a go. Gotta love Spring in New England. If you don't like the weather, wait 5 minutes. It'll change. I promise. Make sure you check our website for more info on weather as well as any specials etc at or give us a call at 978-559-1978... But hey, what do i know. I'm just a deck monkey...

Thanks for looking, more when i can... Arch

May t11h, 2013

We had a crazy day today, with some sloppy weather and some awesome fishing. The wind was blowing a consistent 20 knots out of the southerly, making anchoring kind of difficult all day.  Our first stop lasted for over two and a half hours, with cod and haddock coming over the rail fast and furiously almost the entire time. The day ended on a slower note, but we hit the dock with a lot of fish and some really satisfied customers. 

April 28th, 2013

Haddock!  We ventured out to Jefferies Ledge today in search of haddock, and we found some.  Like yesterday, we had to work for what we caught, making a lot of drifts throughout the day.  We worked our way south and east all day, finishing the day on the anchor with some codfish in the end.  We had slow patches throughout the day, but came out with a fair number of fish. 


APRIL 27th, 2013

The difference a day makes... It was another beautiful day on the water today, however the fishing wasn't as good as yesterday.  We made a lot of moves today, and worked real hard for what we did catch.  Bait produced the majority of the fish today.


APRIL 26th, 2013

A banner day was had aboard the Lady Sea today!  It was a beautiful day as far as the weather was concerned, and the fishing was phenomenal.  Both jig and bait-fishing produced codfish ranging from 7-25 lbs.  Just about everyone on the boat came close to hitting their bag limit for the day.


APRIL 20th, 2013

The day started out a little bit rough, but got nicer as it went on (weather and fishing).  It was a slow morning as far as the fishing was concerned, we went out to Middle Bank to see what was out there for Cod.  We caught a lot of small Cod that we couldn't keep, then decided to move off to the Northeast.  We finished our day near Tillies, and caught a whole bunch of small and market size keeper cod for a solid hour and a half before the tide changed and the bite died for the last hour of the trip.  We also caught some cusck and some redfish.  All in all it was a good day.    


MARCH 29TH, 2013

Well, we went out on our first trip of the season!  It was a gorgeous day on the water: 10-15 knots of NW wind, 40 degrees and sunny.  We did a lot of scouting, starting on top of Stellwagon and making our way to the north and east all day long.  We caught a very good amount of codfish throughout the day, the average size being approximately 6-9 pounds.  We also caught a bunch of redfish, a couple pollock and some hake.  Unfortunately we didn't find any haddock as of yet, but after talking to some commercial fisherman we have some ideas where to start looking for them on the next trip.  All in all it was an awesome first day out on the North Atlantic.

Captain Mike

July 12th, 2012

We are happy to report that it has been a great season for fishing.  There have been only a few trips that were dissapointing.  But as they say, fishing is fishing and any day on the water is a great day.

Yesterday was an unbeliebavle day.  Everyone loaded up their coolers with lots of cod and haddock. A real great day on the water!!

From the deck of the Lady Sea


May 5th, 2012

Another great day on the ocean.  Headed out to Tillies.  Put about 75 keeprs on the boat.  Haddock being the prevelant fish.  50 haddock, 25 cod, a few cusk and only a couple of dog fish.  All in all a great day. 

From the Deck of the Lady Sea

April 16th, 2012 - May 4, 2012

The fishing season has started.  A bit spotty,  but definetly picking up.  We had some great half day trips last week that we can brag about and an outstanding all day fishing trip yesterday, Friday, May 4th.  The weather was overcast, but the seas were fine.  Put at least 100 fish on the boat. 

NO EXAGGERATION!!  Everyone left with a cooler full of fish.   

Here's to a great season of fishing. 

From the Deck of the Lady Sea



August 27, 2011

Well, this afternoon's weather is great and we're not going fishing. The weatherman scared everyone away with this Irene nonsense. The bad weather, according to the recent forecast, isn't going to be in the Gloucester, Ma area until Sunday afternoon but... Fishing the last few days has been excellent with the excpeption of our 1st Bluefishing trip which saw terrible weather. Anyway, good day of fishing this morning on a 3/4 day trip. A lot of nice Haddock and Pollock with some Cod and Cusk mixed in. Our average depth was around 230 ft and the tide was cooperative which was nice. All in all, today was beautiful, flat calm, warm and we caught some nice fish. Pool winner was a 16# Pollock. Call the office for more info on our upcoming trips and weather updates.

Thanks, more when I can.


August 17, 2011 - Recap

Hey guys!

Plain and simple, the fishing has been great as of late! Lots of big Cod and Pollock and some good size Haddock too.

45 lb HakeAJ Orlando caught a 42 Lb Hake the other day and its the biggest I've ever seen in 18 years of Party Boat Fishing.

The summer is slowly coming to a close but we'll be fishing through October. Call and book your trips now! We have trips Friday, Saturday & Sunday this week.

All Day, Half Day and 3/4 Day trips this weekend should still have some room on them. Call 978-559-1978 or check out our website for more info. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for more up to the minute pictures and updates!

Thanks for looking,



June 23 - July 27 2011

Greetings from the Lady Sea command post in Gloucester MA!

I know it’s been a while since we've had an update on here but this summer has been super busy. Between fishing trips, mechanical upgrades, cosmetic work, working for the US Navy for 2 weeks in Gloucester with the USS Oak Hill and the USS Ponce in Bristol, RI, we've had our hands full.

The fishing recently has been unbelievable! A good showing of Cod and monster Haddock, lots of Cusk on the hard Bottom and big Pollock every stop. The Pool Winner on the last 4 trips has been a Pollock in the 20LB range.

Saturday was a 7-4 all day trip and we started out offshore. We've been fishing 22-24 miles offshore and its been keeping us out of the dogfish. Average depth has been around 230ft-270ft. Lots of big Pollock and some nice Cod too.

Sunday we had a 3/4 day trip in the morning and it was another unreal trip. Capt. Mike put the boat on a spot that produced good numbers and nice fish for the better part of the trip. We only moved once and that was it. Lots of big Cod and Pollock and some nice Haddock mixed in too. Pool winner was a Pollock around 20 Lbs.

Sunday afternoons half-day trip was good. The bite started to slow down but the numbers were still good. Everyone left with fish and had a good time.

Next trips are the end of this week and we have enough work to keep us busy during the beginning of the week. New Paint on the hull and the house.

More when I can, thanks for looking.


May 20 - June 22, 2011


The fishing has finally picked up! We've had some stellar trips the last couple of weeks. The Cod and Haddock are here in full force with a nice mix of large Pollock and Cusk. All the Haddock have been 8 lbs or over and the Cod have been mostly Markets.

The dogfish have also arrived and they're a nuisance but manageable. If you fish right down on the bottom and get down there quickly you shouldn't have a problem. All in all we've been hammering away at the fish. Between Marco and Mike, they've been putting the customers on the meat and people are leaving with full coolers and smiles.

The next couple weeks the US Navy has chartered the boat for a ferry service. We'll be in Gloucester this week and Rhode Island next week then we'll start our regularly scheduled open boat trips, charters and booze cruises.

If you're interested in a booze cruise call the office @ 978-559-1978 asap because the weekends are filling up! Also, check us out on facebook ( and Twitter (@gloucesterfleet) for some great photos and all the latest info.

Here is a quick peek at what you missed...

Unnamed.jpg  Unnamed7.jpg Unnamed3.jpg Unnamed5.jpg
 255111_1610344756969_1786745291_1121988_7477046_n.jpg 5653_1086014070657_1235550172_30230867_4940874_n.jpg Unnamed4.jpg 261955_10150218800167896_556802895_7473357_3965889_n.jpg

Thanks for looking and hope to see you all soon! More when I can!


FRIDAY May 20th - All Day Open Boat

Wind: Light and variable - FOGGY!!!

Greetings from the Gloucester Fleet command post here in West Gloucester, Ma. Todays trip was a 7-4 Open Boat and it went well! The wind was almost non existent and the tide was minimal so all in all the conditions were pretty good for fishing.

After steaming almost 2 hours, Capt Marco decided on a spot and we started our day. We ended up anchoring all day and our average depth was right around 200ft. The bite started out slow in the morning for the first two stops but improved as the day went on.

A steady bite of Cod and Haddock all day meant everyone went home with some nice bags of fish. Also, we had quite a few Pollock and Cusk as well. I'll take a mixed bag of fish any day! Our next trip is a charter on Thursday and the weather looks great.

We have some mechanical and cosmetic projects to finish this week and then we're pretty much busy until September.

Deep Sea Fishing Pics May 20, 2011 Deep Sea Fishing Pics May 20, 2011 Deep Sea Fishing Pics May 20, 2011 Deep Sea Fishing Pics May 20, 2011

Our busy season is upon us so if you're interested in a charter or an open boat trip make sure you call the office @ 978-559-1978 and book your choice date now.

Thanks for looking, more when I can.


Sunday May 15, 2011 - PM Half Day Charter

Wind: East-Sou'east 5-10 knts COLD

Man, is summer ever going to show up? This cold windy weather is for the birds! Anyway, we had a group of 20 graduating Seniors from Suffolk University. Once again the weather decided not to cooperate but at least it wasnt windy. Rain was the name of the game and it was cold too so a lot of them took shelter in the cabin and warmed up with some Bud Light.

We steamed about an hour and anchored up all day on the inshore grounds. The tide was screaming again so drifting was out of the question but we managed to snag some nice Cod when it wasnt pouring.

The day ended up being a good time for the people and I'm sure we'll have some of them come back this summer. The fishing inside has really been better in the last few years. 10 yrs ago you were lucky if you caught anything on a Half Day but now we do a lot better.

I dont agree with most of the Government science since its been proven to be extremely flawed and that flawed research is what determines size regulations on all of our ground fish in the Northeast, but when we 're catching fish in areas that didnt produce any fish previously, it gives me hope.

Things are looking up: The weather looks bad through mid-week but thursday through sunday look good. Our trips are Thursday, Friday and Saturday and Sunday and theyre filling up quick.

Friday is our "special" day so call the office and book that trip. We have 13 spots left for friday.

Call 978-559-1978 and book your trip NOW.

More when I can,


Saturday May 14, 2011 - AM Half Day Charter

Wind: East 10 knts

So this morning we had a bachelor party on board and it was a blast! The weather was a little chilly and it was overcast but the wind finally laid down and we were able to anchor up on some good inshore grounds. All in all a good amount of fish were caught for a a half day trip and the guys had a good time.

Call us @ 978-559-1978 to book your own bachelor party or buisness fishing charter.

We take up to 38 passengers fishing or 130 passengers on evening Booze Cruises. We do anything from All Day, Half Day, 3/4 Day, Night Bluefishing and Evening Cruises. We can customize your trip however you want!

Have a large group? All of our fishing trips are available for charter also! Hope to see you on a trip soon!

Thanks for looking...More when I can,


Friday May 13, 2011 -  7-4 All Day Trip

Northeast 10-15 knts

Another trip in the books! Capt Marco was at the wheel today and we decided to switch things up a bit. We ended up going over some fish while we we're steaming out to where we were planning on going anyway. We anchored up in about 180 ft and caught a few codfish but nothing stellar so we decided to move on and steam the rest of the way.We ended up about 20 miles offshore and the tide was a problem all day but we managed to make a day out of it.

There was some nice Cod and some haddock but the fishing this spring has been steady but not perfect. The weather has definitely been a problem too. Its been blowing Northeast for a week now and it shows no sign of letting up.

The weather this week looks the same and after or during a blow like this, the fishing can either turn off or on at the drop of a dime. I think that's been the problem all spring. But summer is coming and im hoping for the fishing to pick up.

The pool winner was a 13 LB cod and everyone left happy which is all we care about. You dont have to catch fish to have a good time but it sure the hell helps...

More when I can,


Tuesday, May 10th - Weather Update

Wind: Northeast 20-25 knots w/ gusts to 30 knots
50 Deg.


Greetings from the Lady Sea command post here in Gloucester MA! Just an update for our customers that are planning on coming fishing this week. The NOAA forecast for Wed. through Thursday looks terrible. North-Northeast winds 20-35 knots, Seas 10-14ft.Unfortunately we cant control the weather but we can warn you ahead of time if it looks bad.

The charter we had on Wed. already called and rescheduled since the weather forecast was so bad. Fridays Open Boat trip looks like we'll be able to get out there but make sure you call the office @ 978-559-1978 on Thursday night just to double check before you drive all the way here. We know a lot of you drive 3 hours or more to fish with us and if we can save you a long drive and a lot of gas money, we will.

Due to the popularity of our Friday Open Boat specials, we have added some more for the upcoming weeks. Make sure you check out our SPECIALS link on the homepage before the trips fill up. Remember, we only hold 38 passengers on our fishing trips which is HALF of what other companys hold on All Day fishing trips, so we fill up quick. Less passengers means less tangles which means more fishing time for you.

Call the office and book your choice date now! We'll continue to look at the weather and give updates as well.

Thanks for looking, More when I can...


Friday, May 6th - 7-4pm All Day Trip

Southwest 15-20 knts 50 deg

Another trip in the books. We had a full boat today and with our maximum capacity for fishing only being 38 passengers it leaves a ton of room for fishing. Less tangles for you means more fishing time. So we started out the day with a little wind and had to anchor. Towards the end of the day the wind slacked off and it was beautiful. The tide was minimal and it was running up into the wind most of the day which made for awesome fishing. Lines were straight up and down all day long. Most guys were holding bottom with 16 oz or less.  We generally stayed in around 150-180 ft of water throughout the day and we caught mostly Codfish. It seemed the Haddock were on vacation for the day which was fine because we caught enough market Codfish that everyone was happy. Everyone left with plenty of fish and the pool winner was a 14 lb Cod. We have some new specials that have been added so make sure you check out the home page. We have a few days off this week and then a busy end of the week and weekend coming up. We're starting to get pretty busy so book your trips now to get your choice date. ALSO!!! LIKE us on Facebook. Go to the search tab and type in Gloucester Fleet Deep Sea Fishing.

Thanks for looking! More when i can,


May 1, 2011 - Full Day 7:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Wind: NorthEast 20-25 Knts 48 degrees

Wow, we caught a beating today on the way out! Nor'east 20-25 is a great way to start the day. We had Capt Marco at the wheel today and we decided to go in a completely different direction and man did it pay off!  We sat in the same spot for almost 4 hours before we had to move the boat. We generally fished in about 170 ft and that was the magic depth. 90% of the fish that were caught were Cod and Haddock and we finally had some numbers to work with. The wind was too much so drifting was out of the question so we had to anchor up today and we got to test the new pulpit setup as well .It works great! No more swinging on the anchor and the boat sits great over the spots! All in all this was def the best day we've had so far. We ended up staying on good fishing  all day and everyone went home with coolers full of fish. The pool winner was a 15 lb cod. Next trip is wed and i'll have more reports when i can. Dont forget to check the website for our specials and charter rates.

More when I can.



April 30, 2011 - 3/4 Day 7:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Winds: 10-15 knts, 52 degrees

So, today felt a lot more like spring than yesterday. It was chilly! We had a charter today for a bachelor party with 17 ppl and we decided to give Middlebank one more chance before we broke off from the pack of boats and went searching. The old rule is 'you dont leave fish to find fish'  and it looked like we were going to be leaving soon...

We were able to drift all day again with minimal tide and tangles in a round 130 ft. We had a good mix of Cod and Haddock with a few Sculpin mixed in. The bite was slow and picked up twoards the afternoon but it still wasnt what we were looking for. Still a lot of boats and not enough fish to deal with the headaches. We ended up having a great time with these guys and the ones that didnt catch fish definetly caught a buzz!!!

One more trip tomorrow and I think we're going hunting. We have a full boat but the weather doesnt look great. Nor'east 15-20 gust to 25 knts so we'll see what happens. More when I can.


April 29th, 2011 ~ 7-4 Open Boat

Wind- light and variable, 70 deg.

So the first trip of the season is in the books! What a gorgeous day to be out on the boat! Seriously, it was like glass and HOT! Anyway, the fishing definitely left something to be desired. We ended up down Middlebank with a full boat, which is only 38 ppl. We were able to drift all day in about 140 ft of water. It seemed the shoal water was the place to be and when we drifted through the bite was a bit better. Nothing to write home about, but historically you're either a hero or a zero on the first trip of the season. Throughout the day the bite was slow but steady with Cod and Haddock coming over the rails. There were also tons of boats around us which makes for tough drift fishing on a 75ft boat. I don't know why but the Sculpins were everywhere too. I've never seen more Sea Robins caught in one trip than we did today. All in all we made a day out of it with a steady bite and everyone left with some fish. Pool Winner was a 11 lb cod. We have two more trips this weekend then we have a few days off to catch up on some mechanical upgrades.

Thanks for looking,

~ Arch

Unnamed2.jpg Unnamed5.jpg Unnamed6.jpg Unnamed10.jpg

2011 Season Kickoff Newsletter


Welcome all to the 2011 deep sea fishing season!


Its spring again, and we here at the Gloucester Fleet are ready to show you avid anglers what it means to go fishing on the historic grounds off of Gloucester, MA. Our 72’ vessel, The Lady Sea, has been inspected and cleared for another season. She is loaded to the scuppers with the best fishing gear, and crewed by the seasoned professionals that you all have come to expect.


Captain Mike Mann is in the wheelhouse, Archie MacLeod is back to run the deck, and Captain Marco Lograsso will be alternating between the deck and the wheelhouse this year. Christie Orlando and Kristy Gallant will be manning the galley as always, bringing that feminine touch that without which we would be severely lacking. Carolann and Booty are running the show in the office, and are standing by the phone and booth to answer all of your questions. All in all, this is by far the best collection of personalities and experience that you will find anywhere in the business. Together we guarantee that your fishing adventure will be fun, exciting, and fulfilling.


Traditionally, spring fishing off of Gloucester is some of the best bottom fishing that can be found anywhere on the east coast. At Gloucester Fleet we have the unique ability to gather information from both first hand encounters by our crew (most of which are commercial fisherman in the off season), and through reports fed to us by friendly parties from the commercial fishing industry. This gives us a great perspective on where to find fish in the opening days of the season when other boats are still trying to get a feel for where to begin.


So far the reports are getting better by the day. Honestly, it has been a slower start this year than the past two, which is in no small part due to the weather. However, the landings are improving daily, with haddock making a great showing in the waters closer to shore. Cod fish have been around right through the winter, to the point that if not for the federal closures we would run trips all year long. We are very happy with the reports that we are seeing thus far this season, and the crew can’t wait to get out there and start catching.

The cod season officially opens for recreational fishing on April 15 at midnight. It is our feeling that it is better to wait until all of our target species are legal to catch before we start fishing, so that we are not faced with the situation of catching a ton of cod fish and having to make you throw the majority of your catch back. Otherwise, the regulations this year have stayed roughly the same: 24’’ minimum size limit on cod as well as a 10 fish per person bag limit, 19’’ inch minimum size limit on haddock with no bag limit.


Because of these regulations as well as their recent dominance in the waters off of Cape Ann, we predominantly try to target haddock, and therefore intend on mostly bait fishing. This does not mean that jigging is out of the question, not by a long shot. You can rest assured that whatever is working best at the time of your’ trip is what the crew will advise you to use. As such, listen to them when they give you advice. It is our goal to see you go home with the most fish possible and our advice is geared towards that aim.


Also, don’t forget to check out our specials page on our website or our Facebook page. Just search "Gloucester Fleet Deep Sea Fishing" on Facebook and click on the link. As always we are running both open boat and charter specials for the months of April and May.


The specials are as follows:


1) Open boat - Buy one ticket at full price, get the second one half price- a total of $96.00

Open boat deal available on every Friday in the months of April and May, and cannot be combined with any other deals or special pricing such as child or senior citizen rates etc..

2) Charters- 9 hour trip, Monday thru Thursday (up to 40 ppl), $1900 flat rat

9 hour trip, Friday thru Sat (up to 40 ppl), $2200 flat rate

6 hour trip, Monday thru Thursday (up to 40 ppl), $1400 flat rate

6 hour trip, Friday thru Sunday (up to 40ppl) $1700 flat rate

4 1/2 hour trip, Monday thru Thursday (up to 40 ppl), $1000 flat rate

4 ½ hour trip, Friday thru Sunday (up to 40 ppl), $1300 flat rate

All charter rates include the use of boat rods and reels, bait, and hooks. The rates do not reflect the price of terminal tackle (sinkers and jigs), or a tip for the deck crew (15%) and galley crew (your discretion). All charters must sail before May 31st, 2011.


We are looking forward to another great season, and can’t wait to take you and your party, or just you and your friends and family out fishing. We are a family owned and operated business, and we strive to meet all of our customers’ needs and requests. So, don’t hesitate to give us a call with any questions or ideas you have in order to fulfill your needs this season. Once you come fishing with the best, we promise you’ll never even consider going with the rest.


Captain Michael , Booty and Carolann Mann
F/V Lady Sea

2010 Season Deep Sea Fishing Reports


MAY 2nd & 3rd, 2014

Friday we took our first 5 am to 5 pm marathon trip with flat seas and nice weather. I will not sugar coat it, It did not turn out to be what we were expecting. We had 30 very good anglers that threw bait, jigs, teasers, even candy at the fish and got very little in return. We moved the boat about 20 times, we worked 3 different fishing areas all showing promising signs of fish, we drift fished and we anchored, shallow water, deeper water. In the end, we took home about 35 legal fish. Who knows, I guess it's fishing, pretty disappointing from the crew perspective and I am sure the customers were disappointed. Better days ahead.

Saturday's open boat full day trip was another beautiful day on the water, the fishing was better than the previous day. We fished in a similar location as we did on Friday, it seemed the fish were more active especially late morning. We had one anchor stop that lasted 2 hours yielding the majority of our fish. It was a nice steady pick, with a keeper ratio of 2 shorts for every legal fish. We ended the day with 76 keepers, with our largest haddock at 7 lbs, largest cod at 9 lbs, and largest pollock at 4 lbs of the season so far. Some of the cod were nice white belly cod, hopefully that is a sign of new fish entering our fishing area.


This week we have another 5 to 5 marathon on Friday, limited space available, with the all day trips on Saturday and Sunday from 7- 4.  Remember, we still have the spring special of $54.50 per person for the all day trip max of 40 people, marathons are $80.00 max 30 people. We appreciate your business and look forward to seeing you aboard. 


Besides the fishing we have had some whale and dolphin sightings along the way for an added bonus, it is not ALWAYS about catching fish.

  From the Deck of the M/V Lady Sea



Sunday, April 27th, 2014
All Day Fishing

Sunday April 27, Cloudy start to the day over calm seas with 25 people,  we headed back toward Tillies for another look around. The sounding machine showed great promise, the first couple of stops produced a few keepers, but certainly not enough to keep us interested. Captain decided to change the location a little, steamed about 1.5 miles, similar look on the fish finder, but these fish were hungry. We had a very steady bite for about an hour and a half of white belly market cod, decent haddock and a few cusk. We also landed our first couple dog fish of the season. The pool winning fish was a nice 8 lb cod caught by regular angler Mark T. Everybody went home with fish as we landed close to 100 keepers.

From the Deck of the Lady Sea